See You Later | Cary North Carolina Photographer

Jessica is leaving town :-(, so this was our see you later photo shoot, not good bye.

Our first photo shoot was almost two years ago, well February 2015 will make two years.  When we first meet I was pleasantly surprised by her bubbly personality, which wasn't the only surprise.  It turns out she was also a dancer, which we quickly incorporated into the photo shoot, as you can see from the video.   Jessica, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for supporting me for the pass two years through all my crazy ideas.  Good luck with your future plans I am sure you will be very successful with whatever you choose to do.

With respect to the photoshoot, I primarily used one light source "the icelight" for the entire shoot.  I also incorporated some candle light to add a little mood.  For the full length shot I used one speed light and the icelight to help open the shadows.  The light is the most important element when creating an image so once I had the light right I then moved onto posing.

With posing, I generally pose my subject to fit the environment and once I have the pose right my focus shift to getting a great expression from my subjects.  My goal was to get something timeless and elegant.

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