They call me MISTER Parker! | North Carolina Photographer

I almost always implement and execute a shoot focusing on three main objectives: The first -- and this is a very important step in my process -- is to  find good available light and if there's none, I create my own using artificial lighting.  Next (second step) is to assess how the light is falling on my subject.  My third step, is to pay attention to the location.  While some tend to obsess over location, for me the location is not something I care about; lighting is more salient to my desired end-result and ensuring a great portrait.

When I have checked off my three main objectives, I then begin to work with my subject to figure out which angles and poses work best for capturing strong, impactful, and flattering portraits.

My subject for this shoot was Orlando Parker Jr.  He impressed me with his easy-going, effortless demeanor.  Just below that calm surface is a man who as Nicole exclaimed, "gives good face!" Nicole, my wardrobe stylist on this shoot said he had the intensity of actor Sidney Poitier, timeless, classic and contemporary all at once.  This was not Orlando's first time being in front of the camera; he easily followed through on direction and did what was required, allowing me to capture the amazingly striking images below.

The shoot was inspired by a movie starring Sidney Poitier released in 1970 titled "They call me MISTER Tibbs!".

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