Evolving the Practice | North Carolina Photographer

If you followed my photography over the years, you may have noticed that objects are not often my subject matter.  I enjoy shooting people more than I do objects, however, as an artist, I do not welcome nor do I embrace placing limitations on my art/creations.  I continuously seek ways to augment and improve my skill-set; I still need to practice photographing things I wouldn’t normally shoot.  As a photographer, I believe I can find beauty/art in whatever is in front of my lens.

The first image below is simply a snapshot to display the scene, but I wanted to push myself to develop the scene; the additional 9 images show my vision as it evolved in this instance.

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known"
- Oscar Wilde

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Note: There was no photoshop manipulation, this was all done in camera.

Tornado Distraction | North Carolina Photographer

Today Wake County area in North Carolina was on a tornado warning and the message I got on my phone actually said "take shelter now", which was very scary and reminded me just how unprepared I am for such an event.  We had some heavy winds but thankfully the tornado did not hit our hometown in Cary.  Naturally after the warnings were over and I was trapped in the house I decided to grab my camera and test some lighting.

Here's the behind the scenes look at how I made this image.