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The concept for this photo shoot is: the enduring paradigm and nuances of well-tailored men’s suiting, that distinctive and unrelenting model of the well-dressed gentleman; timelessly iconic and prolific, if you will - perennially contemporary, always fashionably relevant, and consistently classic, yet modern with clean, sharp lines and remarkable tailoring.

The goal of the creative director and wardrobe stylist - Nicole aka Carlton Eliza Charles - was to showcase men with unique features, well-groomed facial hair, suited up and looking dapper. Nicole’s extensive and consummate research led her to tailored men’s suiting; she then infused her own aesthetic to finesse the concept and implement the vision.  With her network connections and substantial budget, she was able to source a great shoot location, and provide high-quality items for the wardrobe options.

The venue was available for shooting for three hours, and we had three models to work with – small window of time, with the expectation of yielding great results.  Upon arrival at the shoot venue, I quickly determined what type of images I wanted to execute and where.  Initially, one image I knew I wanted to capture was a shot with one of the models walking into the venue; so, I setup my lights for that shot.  Once that image was created I pretty much knew where I wanted to go next, and the creativity kept flowing.  My main light for that shot and all the other subsequent images was my Westcott 43 inch Appollo Orb.  Generally, I try not to plan any poses, lighting, etc. before a shoot, because the environment most often impacts and guides my decision process.  Common 414 incorporates great ambient lighting in their decor, and I didn't want to dilute the ambiance so, with every image, it was important for me include what makes that environment so unique and special.  Although this was a very short photo shoot, we had a great deal of fun; everyone worked as a team and we executed perfectly.

Thank you, to the following individuals; I cannot reiterate enough the importance of a talented, multi-faceted, and supportive team as an essential aspect of a successful photo shoot:

  • Wayne Wonder for capturing the BTS video, which will be published in the near future.
  • Anthony Coriale and Najee Fevecque - were behind the camera, they assisted our videographer, Wayne with capturing the wonderful BTS video coverage that will be available shortly, be on the lookout for that.
  • Palani Mohan - who was super attentive to every detail, and was very hands-on with everything I needed to help create the images.  
  • Chenee Jones - this was my first time working with this very professional and knowledgeable MUA. She came prepared with a checklist of questions for the models, to allow her to gauge any allergies or skin issues she should be aware of prior to make-up application.  She laid down some subtle and impressive make-up applications.
  • DaNia Pebbles King - was the hair stylist on this shoot; I’ve worked with her before, she is always a pleasure to work with; very confident and talented.  She is always keen on team collaboration and input, to ensure the images match the concept/vision.
  • Nicole Sue aka Carlton Eliza Charles – whose burgeoning talents as creative director and stylist were evident with this shoot.  She did an amazing job; with her networking connections, and substantial budget, was able to source venue and wardrobe. 
  • Brian Whitley – first time model and really great at it.  He was generous enough to grant access to the venue for shooting.
  • Ravon Derelle Johnson – he has some modeling experience and is one of the most laid back, easy-going talents I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
  • Darius Ruffin – this was his first time in front the lens as a model and he was awesome.

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