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Photo Walk, Networking & Lunch

I had the pleasure of hosting a group of photographers for what was suppose to be a photo walk, but Orlando and Milica quickly changed that idea.  We had an amazing photoshoot in the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh.  Thank you Orlando and Milica for being so awesome and playing along with us.

The intent was to do a simple photo walk in downtown Raleigh and network with the photographers, models, mua and hair stylist in the photography group I run.  While that may have been my intent the art festival changed our plans.  Given that Orland is a local downtown Raleigh resident he knew how to get away from crowd. He suggested we go to the Warehouse District, which was definitely away from the action.  I have always heard of this area, but I have never explored it and or capture any images there.  This location was amazing and I will be going back to do another photo shoot I have planned for the end of the month.

After the photo shoot, we all went to a local restaurant in downtown Raleigh, where we sat, had lunch and got to know each other.  I really enjoyed this social gathering and getting to know the amazing folks in my group.  I look forward to doing more of these.

Orlando, a special thank you goes out to you for helping me figure out new tools that I can use for Instagram.  We old folks can use all the help we can get with this thing call social media, so thank you :-).


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