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One-On-One Workshop With Charles Jere | Cary, NC Photographer

My intent and focus in this one-on-one workshop with Charles Jere, was to inspire and motivate him to create great portraits.  In an effort to gauge his needs, and gain a sense of what his expectations were for this session, I encouraged Charles to discuss his concerns, and ask any pertinent questions relating to photography.  Our dialogue was in-depth and centered-on: what he has done so far, ways to build upon his skill-set, and where he wanted to see his work eventually.  We chatted – minus photography gear - for over an hour about his specific concerns.  After our discussion, I reviewed some of the images from Charles’ portfolio and provided my feedback on each one.

Our model for the day was Steven Muncy.  Great job, Steven!  We appreciated you joining us.  Prior to the workshop, Steven had expressed to me that he wanted portraits for social media and his website.  With that in mind, I decided to incorporate capturing great head-shots and portraits into this session, thereby providing how-to and education for Charles.

It was an extremely hot day.  Usually, I would utilize several different areas during a location shoot; in an effort to minimize moving around too much in the heat, I decided to stick to the shaded areas of the park out of direct sunlight.  My goal for this entire workshop was to create some amazing portraits, which we did at this one location, a park-bench.  Given that we were in the shade and I wanted to use the park as the backdrop, we had to deal with two different exposures. I brought out my speedlights and demonstrated how to properly balance speedlights with ambient light.

It was a pleasure having Charles attend my one-on-one workshop, thank you so much.  I hope you are able to use the tips you learned during our educational session to create your own amazing images and portraits.  Steven, thank you for being our subject.  Wayne Myers, as always, great job capturing the awesome footage for the BTS video.

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