Workshop | Night Portraits 2015 | North Carolina Photography

In this workshop we focused on using 3 light sources to create beautiful night portraits.

  1. On Camera Flash - This was our very first setup.  I demonstrated to the attendees how to effectively use this light source to create an image with depth and dimension.
  2. Constant Light - Our second setup.  This light source is very efficient, effective and fast.  On most photoshoots this is my go to light source.  It's very simple, what you see is what you get.
  3. Ambient Light - Our last setup.  This light source is very similar to constant light however; not all ambient light is good light and we focused on how to properly use this light source.

Thank you Alex for stepping in and being our subject for this workshop.  Below you will find a few images from the workshop.  Also, thank you to all the attendees of this workshop.

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