FIRST VLOG 001 - Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration for me as an artist sometimes could come from anything interesting, a dream, watching a movie, viewing a painting, viewing random images on 500px or simply going out and forcing myself to photograph subjects I don't normally enjoy capturing.

In this VLOG I went out and capture some random images in my favorite park. I wanted to scratch that creative itch. There's no rhyme or reason to these images, which was the point. I was seeking and hoping that by capturing something different will spark my next wonderful idea. Look, these images will not win any awards, in my opinion, but that wasn't the point.

One correction, I mentioned in the video I have been shooting for 3 years, it's more like 4 years going on 5, but hey, who's counting :-).

I hope you enjoy the VLOG, if you did, give it a thumbs up or more importantly give me some feedback / suggestions on how I can improve, it is my first VLOG :-). Also, drop a comment about what inspires you.

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