Award Winning Image 2015 | Ernesto Sue

Last year I proclaimed, "this is the first photo competition I have ever entered and wow! I won!”  Well, I must say, this, my second-time winning, has convinced me, I’m a bonafide photo-taker-outer.  Having pushed myself over the course of the year to augment knowledge and skill as a photographer, I’m pleased by the recognition bestowed upon me by my peers.  I have put a great deal of hard work into my craft and I will continue to do so because winning a competition does not mean it's the end of the learning journey, it's just the beginning.  I am determined as an artist to be the best that I can be.  So, while I acknowledge this win and I extend a “thank-you!” to Portrait Palooza for the opportunity to have been a part of this competition, I will not rest on my laurels at this junction in my career; instead I will continue to work toward curating my art-form.

While this year’s competition resulted in a draw, I am fine with that.

The rules for the competition were simple: every photographer had 10 minutes to shoot with a randomly chosen model.  There's no preparation, so when your name is called and you are paired with a model, it's go time and the clock starts ticking.  In the 10 minutes, each photographer had to capture three elements 1) the venue 2) the dress and 3) bouquet.  These three details were very important in this competition as the vendors/suppliers were judging the final images.  After the images were captured, we had 48 hours to submit two images to be judged; I submitted the below two, the first one is the winning image.

I couldn't have done this competition without assistance from Wesley Shang.  He arrived at the venue totally prepared to help me win this competition.  Not only did he come with the hunger to win, he came with suggestions and ideas, which were inspiring.  He so much wanted to be part of the process that I agreed to him editing the second image, albeit not the winning image, still Wesley did a phenomenal job with the re-touch.  If you are photographer, contact Wesley he's a very talented re-toucher.  Thank-you!, Wesley for the support.

Here are the vendors:
Venue - Marbles Kids Museum
Flowers by Floral Dimensions
Make Up by Ashley Bromirski - Radiant Beauty by Ashley
Hair by - Cheri Leathers of Hair by Cheri 
Jewelry  -  Sabika Jewelry Inc.- Sarah Butler, Sabika Director

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