Wayne And Shereese Engagement Session | Durham, North Carolina

When another photographer hired me to cover his engagement, two things immediately happen: 1. Excitement that another photographer admired my work and commissioned me to capture his important moment 2. after the initial excitement, the nerves set in :-).

On the day of the shoot, my focus was with the couple and working with them to capture their interaction with each other while highlighting the expressions of love and exchanges of affection between them.  I never met Shereese or Wayne before, so it was my goal to build a rapport on the day of the shoot where they will be comfortable with me, because without that connection I wouldn't be able to memorialize their special moment.  Wayne is a very down to earth guy and surprisingly we shared a great deal in common.  We both have a Caribbean background, we both grew up in The Bronx, we both have a passion for creating art through photography and we both practically moved to North Carolina around the same time, but we never knew each other until now.  

Thank you Wayne and Shereese for allowing me to capture your engagement session. 

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