brooklyn artiste the honor-rebel jah humbly | north carolina photographer

When Jah asked me to do a photo shoot for his album cover, to say I was honored would be more than a slight understatement.  Jah is an absolute joy to be around; quiet and good-natured with an ample and impressive knowledge of history and contemporary events, which he draws from while continuing to hone his performances.

Brooklyn, NY reggae artiste Darryl Herbert’s nom de guerre Honor –Rebel Jah Humbly, accurately and aptly embodies his personality and singing style.  With his musical band “Judgement “(sic), he has an impressive amount of songs to his credit, including the electrifying, controversial and debatable “Tumbling Down” produced by Judgment Productions (sic) for Gold Cup Records.

Jah first became interested in “conscious” reggae while attending high school in his native Trinidad.  After moving to the U.S. he began performing with “Judgement” (sic) a reggae band formed in 1999 with founding members Ras I-Jah aka Eternalfiyah and Ras Sharky.  

Honor-Rebel Jah Humbly has remained as his name incisively implies, humble and staying the course of bringing his message in his music; he captivates his audience with his soulful and syncopated cadence while showcasing lyrical prowess with a potent mix of self proclaimed militant sound and righteous fury.