Raleigh Denim Workshop | North Carolina Photographer

I simply loved this assignment, this was amongst the best photo-shoots I did for 2014.

Carolina Style Magazine did a feature article for their Winter Book on husband and wife team Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough, co-founders and designers of Raleigh Denim Workshop - curators of hand-made jeans in downtown Raleigh, NC.  Lawrence "Sir Byron Laurent" Spivey interviewed the design-duo for the article.  My assignment was to capture images of the environment, behind the scenes interview, and portraits of the designers/owners in their work environment.

I’m always enthused by these types of assignments, as this is where I would eventually like to take my career; working with more magazines to showcase my creativity and augment my portfolio. I was most excited about the portraits and I aimed to maximize the allotted-time with the designers/owners.  Directly after the interview, I outlined and discussed with the couple, my vision; it then took me about five minutes to execute – they took time out of their work schedule to accommodate the photo-shoot and interview, and I wanted to be sure it was time well spent, meeting the magazine’s requirements, without anyone feeling rushed.

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Crappy Location | Amazing Images | Cary, North Carolina

Taking photos at high noon with no reflector, defuser or flash can sometimes prove challenging, but not always :-).  There was nothing really amazingly beautiful about this location, but when you have light and shadows, sometimes the location just doesn't matter.  Running from the light was simply not an option, so I embraced the light by applying very specific poses to bring out shadows, which brought depth and dimension to the images.

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BeautyBliss Magazine Fall Publication | North Carolina Photographer

I am so honored to have 3 of my images featured in the fall publication of BeautyBliss Magazine.   I couldn't have done it without the hard work of an incredible team Caleb Provan, Jessica Delovely, Toulope Morayo, April Whitley and my wife for styling these photoshoots, congratulations.

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cassie kozyrkov | north carolina photographer

As a photographer I am still growing and I suppose this growth process may never end.  I am a very analytical person so if someone asked me a few years ago if I would be doing portrait photography, the answer would have been a resounding "no!".  I honestly don't recall why I picked up a camera, I wish I had a cool story to tell you, but I don't.  What I can say is, as a child I used to draw and as I got older for some reason I lost that skill and perhaps that's why photography appealed to me.

I get inspiration mostly from movies but I'm also inspired by various images, shapes and textures. I try to convey what I see in my own images. With this photo shoot--as with many other shoots I do, I consulted with my wife on styling and wardrobe and she directed me to a fashion blog she frequents, where I found a black and white editorial.  I loved the simplicity and calmness of the shots and was inspired to create my own imagery depicting the laid-back but sharp images below.

Cassie Kozykrov who is featured in the images below like me is a very analytical person and I was very impressed with her smartness.  She studies statistics at NC State University Graduate School and she's a very impressive programer.  It was a pleasure working with her, she has a great personality and was willing to work hard to make this shoot a success, which was awesome.

Dawn Frischmann Losinger was our MUA for the day, she is always such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you so much for offering your talents on this photo shoot--both Cassie and I appreciate the great job you did.

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flashdance 2013 | north carolina photographer

As a teenager and I guess to some extent as an adult I wasn't and still am not very sociable.  I grew up with movies as my main source of entertainment, hence it became one of my main sources of inspiration.  Movies helps me with different lighting setups, story telling and it forces me to view an image in 390 degrees.

With Flashdance, I wanted to recreate that emotional feeling I had when I was first saw the movie with a modern twist, so I started planning for the photoshoot.  I ask my wife who helps style most of my photoshoots to gather the wardrobe.  Once I had the wardrobe I began my search for the right model and Jessica Delovely was perfectly suited to fit the roll of Alex.  Jessica is a talented dancer who does Zumba classes at the YMCA. 

On the day of the shoot Jessica showed up promptly at 10am and immediately got into character.  Once Jessica was on set I started setting up my lighting to ensure it evoke the mood I wanted to capture.  Needless to say, it took me a few to get the lighting to be just right for this shoot.  Once the lighting was dialed in we work on posing and below you will find the results of our team work. 

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fashion sanford nc | north carolina photographer

Photoshoot took place on location in Sanford, NC on the sprawling homestead owned by the parents of the MUA Shannon Conversionz Sharpe.  

High temps lent to a sweltering summer afternoon for this outdoor shoot; the models were styled and put their best face on despite the heat; no meltdowns thanks in part to the constantly oscillating floor and ceiling fans.  We were fortunate to have an in-house dj playing reggae and old school r&b from inside the “Dawg-House”.

mua: Shannon Conversionz Sharpe

hairstylist: Sheresse Comratie

fashion stylist: Polymoniker

assistant: Donna Bellous


models: Kenya Xavett, Sydnei Jones and Ruby Bost


brooklyn artiste the honor-rebel jah humbly | north carolina photographer

When Jah asked me to do a photo shoot for his album cover, to say I was honored would be more than a slight understatement.  Jah is an absolute joy to be around; quiet and good-natured with an ample and impressive knowledge of history and contemporary events, which he draws from while continuing to hone his performances.

Brooklyn, NY reggae artiste Darryl Herbert’s nom de guerre Honor –Rebel Jah Humbly, accurately and aptly embodies his personality and singing style.  With his musical band “Judgement “(sic), he has an impressive amount of songs to his credit, including the electrifying, controversial and debatable “Tumbling Down” produced by Judgment Productions (sic) for Gold Cup Records.

Jah first became interested in “conscious” reggae while attending high school in his native Trinidad.  After moving to the U.S. he began performing with “Judgement” (sic) a reggae band formed in 1999 with founding members Ras I-Jah aka Eternalfiyah and Ras Sharky.  

Honor-Rebel Jah Humbly has remained as his name incisively implies, humble and staying the course of bringing his message in his music; he captivates his audience with his soulful and syncopated cadence while showcasing lyrical prowess with a potent mix of self proclaimed militant sound and righteous fury.



I was extremely honored when Shereese Cromartie an extraordinarily talented hair stylist from North Carolina approached me to help her bring her vision of “Broken But Not Destroyed” to life. 

The inspiration for this photoshoot drew on a low point in Shereese’s life where she felt emotionally shattered but refused to give-up. This photoshoot tells her story of feeling alone, broken hearted and abandoned; while maintaining a façade of self-confidence, strength, and possessing strong faith to conquer her pain.

 Nyesha Kai Mckennon was our model and she totally rocked it.  Nyesha was extraordinarily easy to work with and required little direction from me; allowing my creative process to flow unhindered. 

Dawn Frischmann Losinger was our MUA for the day.  I have worked with Dawn several times and she always does an incredible job; this time was no exception.  Dawn is a trooper and I am incredibly lucky to have her on my team.

Jackie Miller provided assistance with the photoshoot and I enjoyed working with her.