The Winter Book

3 Min Portrait Holiday Edition | North Carolina Photographer

Last night I went to the preview event of Carolina Style Magazine first table top publication, The Winter Book at Moon Lola in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I had an amazing time and most importantly made some wonderful connections.  So what's this publication about and why did I attend the event?  

Well first the publication, The Winter Book was put together for fashion collectors.  The book will have over 200 pages of striking visual fashion editorials from Charlotte, Charleston, the Raleigh / Triangle area and New York City.  This is a limited edition book so it's poised to be a fashion collector's item.  As of today, I was informed the book is completely sold out, which is insane and it speaks to the incredible support Carolina Style Magazine has and to the amazing content this book contains.

Now, why did I attend this event?  So these types of events are great for networking and meeting colleagues in the area and beyond.  However, what I am most excited about is that I had the pleasure and honor of having a few of my images being published in this book.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to share the amazing images from the two photo shoots I did for the book until I am given the green light, I know, it hurts me too :-(.

So after the event I wanted to do a quick photo shoot in front of the christmas tree in downtown Raleigh.  There was no game plan, it was just something I wanted to get out of my system.  I didn't know if the images would be good or bad, I just wanted to do it.  Nicolette Grenier who is an amazing model was at the event along with James Thomas or should I say Dr. Thomas who is an awesome photographer, they both agreed to indulge me in this crazy unplanned shoot in the cold weather.  When we got to the tree I ask James to hold the light and I quickly setup Nicolette how I wanted her to be posed.  I took my first image at 9:30pm and I took my last image at 9:33pm, hence the 3 min portrait title.

I want to thank The Carolina Style Magazine for including me and my wonderful team to be in this book.  I also want to thank Nicolette Grenier and James Thomas for braving the cold weather to indulge me with this quick and crazy shoot.  Below you will find the images from the photo shoot and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did when we were creating them.  Please stay tuned for new and I hope amazing things in 2015.  Happy holidays and happy new year to all.

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