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Carolina's Most Stylish 2015 Book Publication | Cary, North Carolina Photographer

I am so stoked to finally release these images which were created for, and published in The Carolinas’ Most Stylish 2015 book by Carolina Style Magazine.  This is my second time being published in Carolina Style Magazine, the first being The Winter Book.  You may pick up your copy of The Carolinas Most Stylish 2015 book here.

Tomris McDaniel is the Triangle Market Editor for Carolina Style Magazine and she was the Styling and Creative Director for this shoot.  My first time working with Tomris was in December of 2013, where we worked on creating an Easter Theme marketing image for Carolina Style Magazine.  That first shoot thought me a great deal, specifically the importance of working with a great team.

So, a little background on this shoot: Tomris reached out to me about this project in February of 2015.  The theme of the shoot was Spring/Summer, however, it was about 9 degrees outside and although we can make it look like Spring/Summer through an image, it would be extremely uncomfortable weather to work in for the model with summer attire on.  With the weather in mind, we decided to do the photo shoot in my home studio aka my garage.  We choose to use bold colors to help sell the theme of Spring/Summer.  Tomris was very disciplined about the direction of this shoot, from the clothes to the colors, to hair and mua; everything was deliberate, which was perfect for me, she and I think alike concerning areas and aspects of project management.

Tomris introduced me to three new awesome and professional individuals, whom I had never worked with before.  Although I had no work experience with the new creative team, as we had not collaborated prior to this project; our focus was cohesive and harmonious, resulting in a seamlessly executed vision with great images.  

Demetra Angelis of the D-Spot was the hair stylist on the shoot, yeah, what can I say about Demetra that I haven’t said already?  She’s without a doubt, a good-natured, creative, bundle of energy, and I absolutely enjoy any time spent with her.

Amani Asad was our makeup artist, very quite presence; watching her create is sublime.  Amani is focused and her artistry renders a measured flourish.  

Mara Wuliger our model for the day: this young lady embodied classic elegance and takes direction very well; no ego-tripping, just an amazing person.

James Thomas, a talented beauty photographer as well as the one of best people to provide assistance on a shoot, was on hand to assist me with lighting and being my test subject :-).  He helped with implementation and execution; and I am extremely grateful.  Thank you, James.

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Raleigh Denim Workshop | North Carolina Photographer

I simply loved this assignment, this was amongst the best photo-shoots I did for 2014.

Carolina Style Magazine did a feature article for their Winter Book on husband and wife team Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough, co-founders and designers of Raleigh Denim Workshop - curators of hand-made jeans in downtown Raleigh, NC.  Lawrence "Sir Byron Laurent" Spivey interviewed the design-duo for the article.  My assignment was to capture images of the environment, behind the scenes interview, and portraits of the designers/owners in their work environment.

I’m always enthused by these types of assignments, as this is where I would eventually like to take my career; working with more magazines to showcase my creativity and augment my portfolio. I was most excited about the portraits and I aimed to maximize the allotted-time with the designers/owners.  Directly after the interview, I outlined and discussed with the couple, my vision; it then took me about five minutes to execute – they took time out of their work schedule to accommodate the photo-shoot and interview, and I wanted to be sure it was time well spent, meeting the magazine’s requirements, without anyone feeling rushed.

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3 Min Portrait Holiday Edition | North Carolina Photographer

Last night I went to the preview event of Carolina Style Magazine first table top publication, The Winter Book at Moon Lola in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I had an amazing time and most importantly made some wonderful connections.  So what's this publication about and why did I attend the event?  

Well first the publication, The Winter Book was put together for fashion collectors.  The book will have over 200 pages of striking visual fashion editorials from Charlotte, Charleston, the Raleigh / Triangle area and New York City.  This is a limited edition book so it's poised to be a fashion collector's item.  As of today, I was informed the book is completely sold out, which is insane and it speaks to the incredible support Carolina Style Magazine has and to the amazing content this book contains.

Now, why did I attend this event?  So these types of events are great for networking and meeting colleagues in the area and beyond.  However, what I am most excited about is that I had the pleasure and honor of having a few of my images being published in this book.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to share the amazing images from the two photo shoots I did for the book until I am given the green light, I know, it hurts me too :-(.

So after the event I wanted to do a quick photo shoot in front of the christmas tree in downtown Raleigh.  There was no game plan, it was just something I wanted to get out of my system.  I didn't know if the images would be good or bad, I just wanted to do it.  Nicolette Grenier who is an amazing model was at the event along with James Thomas or should I say Dr. Thomas who is an awesome photographer, they both agreed to indulge me in this crazy unplanned shoot in the cold weather.  When we got to the tree I ask James to hold the light and I quickly setup Nicolette how I wanted her to be posed.  I took my first image at 9:30pm and I took my last image at 9:33pm, hence the 3 min portrait title.

I want to thank The Carolina Style Magazine for including me and my wonderful team to be in this book.  I also want to thank Nicolette Grenier and James Thomas for braving the cold weather to indulge me with this quick and crazy shoot.  Below you will find the images from the photo shoot and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did when we were creating them.  Please stay tuned for new and I hope amazing things in 2015.  Happy holidays and happy new year to all.

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