cassie kozyrkov | north carolina photographer

As a photographer I am still growing and I suppose this growth process may never end.  I am a very analytical person so if someone asked me a few years ago if I would be doing portrait photography, the answer would have been a resounding "no!".  I honestly don't recall why I picked up a camera, I wish I had a cool story to tell you, but I don't.  What I can say is, as a child I used to draw and as I got older for some reason I lost that skill and perhaps that's why photography appealed to me.

I get inspiration mostly from movies but I'm also inspired by various images, shapes and textures. I try to convey what I see in my own images. With this photo shoot--as with many other shoots I do, I consulted with my wife on styling and wardrobe and she directed me to a fashion blog she frequents, where I found a black and white editorial.  I loved the simplicity and calmness of the shots and was inspired to create my own imagery depicting the laid-back but sharp images below.

Cassie Kozykrov who is featured in the images below like me is a very analytical person and I was very impressed with her smartness.  She studies statistics at NC State University Graduate School and she's a very impressive programer.  It was a pleasure working with her, she has a great personality and was willing to work hard to make this shoot a success, which was awesome.

Dawn Frischmann Losinger was our MUA for the day, she is always such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you so much for offering your talents on this photo shoot--both Cassie and I appreciate the great job you did.

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