flashdance 2013 | north carolina photographer

As a teenager and I guess to some extent as an adult I wasn't and still am not very sociable.  I grew up with movies as my main source of entertainment, hence it became one of my main sources of inspiration.  Movies helps me with different lighting setups, story telling and it forces me to view an image in 390 degrees.

With Flashdance, I wanted to recreate that emotional feeling I had when I was first saw the movie with a modern twist, so I started planning for the photoshoot.  I ask my wife who helps style most of my photoshoots to gather the wardrobe.  Once I had the wardrobe I began my search for the right model and Jessica Delovely was perfectly suited to fit the roll of Alex.  Jessica is a talented dancer who does Zumba classes at the YMCA. 

On the day of the shoot Jessica showed up promptly at 10am and immediately got into character.  Once Jessica was on set I started setting up my lighting to ensure it evoke the mood I wanted to capture.  Needless to say, it took me a few to get the lighting to be just right for this shoot.  Once the lighting was dialed in we work on posing and below you will find the results of our team work. 

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