BeautyBliss Magazine Fall Publication | North Carolina Photographer

I am so honored to have 3 of my images featured in the fall publication of BeautyBliss Magazine.   I couldn't have done it without the hard work of an incredible team Caleb Provan, Jessica Delovely, Toulope Morayo, April Whitley and my wife for styling these photoshoots, congratulations.

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flashdance 2013 | north carolina photographer

As a teenager and I guess to some extent as an adult I wasn't and still am not very sociable.  I grew up with movies as my main source of entertainment, hence it became one of my main sources of inspiration.  Movies helps me with different lighting setups, story telling and it forces me to view an image in 390 degrees.

With Flashdance, I wanted to recreate that emotional feeling I had when I was first saw the movie with a modern twist, so I started planning for the photoshoot.  I ask my wife who helps style most of my photoshoots to gather the wardrobe.  Once I had the wardrobe I began my search for the right model and Jessica Delovely was perfectly suited to fit the roll of Alex.  Jessica is a talented dancer who does Zumba classes at the YMCA. 

On the day of the shoot Jessica showed up promptly at 10am and immediately got into character.  Once Jessica was on set I started setting up my lighting to ensure it evoke the mood I wanted to capture.  Needless to say, it took me a few to get the lighting to be just right for this shoot.  Once the lighting was dialed in we work on posing and below you will find the results of our team work. 

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muhammad | brooklyn | north carolina wedding photography

On the morning of Shanika's and Malik’s wedding, Shanika got ready for her big day at her mom’s apartment in Brooklyn; surrounded by her mother, sister and cousin who were also in her wedding party.  The atmosphere in the house was abuzz with lively, good-natured chatter as the bride and her bridal party got their hair styled and make-up done.

Arriving in grand fashion at the church, the bride, groom and wedding party in-tow disembarked from the limo amid a flurry of ooh’s and ahh’s in the sweltering heat of this unusually hot summer day at the end of May.  Shanika was stunning in her sweet-heart neckline, floor length gown and didn’t break a sweat as she hit her stride and entered the church.  After a beautiful albeit brief ceremony, Shanika and Malik were pronounced man and wife and indulged the ceremonious “jumping of the broom” significant in some American cultures of African origin.  At the behest of the pastor, the newlyweds were encouraged to start their new life together with support and well wishes from all in attendance.

Battling Friday evening cross-town traffic; the entire wedding party headed to The DUMBO LOFT in downtown Brooklyn for the wedding reception.  The bride and groom entered the venue after posing for photos outside along with their wedding party and guests.  Shanika and Malik had their first dance together as a married couple, followed by a very heartfelt and emotional dance shared by Shanika and her dad and Malik and his mom.  Guests dined and danced the night away to the Caribbean sounds of soca music and American standards; a good time was had by all.  

Shanika and Malik left New York for their honeymoon which coincidentally fell on Malik’s birthday; a nine day cruise which included a Turks and Caicos stop.  


Behind The Scenes Video of the Wedding